Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Air of Revolution

Nowadays, there has been a lot of buzz about change or a revolution in the country, especially after Imran Khan’s heroics at Minar-e-Pakistan in Lahore. The evening of 30th October changed much in Pakistan. People have started to take Imran Khan seriously and he is now considered as third option in Pakistani politics.Editorials, TV talk shows, street corners and even restaurant tables are having deliberations about the future elections and many, in fact, most of the urbanites have given Imran Khan a serious chance of winning the forthcoming elections. Many label it as a change and many take it to the extent of revolution. While we call the two mainstream political parties as status-quo parties, Imran Khan is seen as anti-status quo. Hats off to Imran Khan for giving Pakistani people once again a hope which was very much lost after 18th February elections.

The word change or revolution has become so much appealing to the masses that every politician tries to package his content in the wrapper of change. Even President Barack Obama used it as a slogan to run his campaign which ultimately led him to the White House. I wonder if he goes again for that slogan. I really believe if our consumable goods carry the tag-line of change, it will become so much easy for them to sell their products. The appeal of the word change to Pakistani masses is due to the inefficiency and inability of all the political parties of Pakistan, as they all have been tried and tested in one way or the other after 18th February elections. Almost every participating party has stayed in government and that has led to people’s disbelief in these parties. That is the line where Imran Khan is bowling as he knows about the dynamics of masses.It remains to be seen whether he will be able to conjure up the required amount of seats in the National Assembly and deliver but we can talk about his future performance and chances from what he has already delivered to the nation in his speeches.

Recently I gave a presentation on the chances of Imran Khan to my class fellows and what I came across was an explosion of negative comments towards me from my fellows as I labeled his chances as bleak. Some, who usually used to call me sane and intelligent, even went to the extent of calling me non-serious. I was expecting that from them and the same I expect from his other supporters. I am not an Imran-Khan basher, it’s just I see things from a realist angle.Many call Imran Khan as old wine in a new bottle and after the people he is allowing to join his party, it is very much clear that same old people will be our representatives. Imran Khan wants to cleanse or even ‘dry-clean’ his candidates under his headship, before giving them party ticket, but do the candidates want to get cleansed? Will these new-inductees be able to don the attire of a noble leader after enjoying the title of feudal in their own village? How would he dry-clean Mian Azhar, who has already been tried and tested?

Assuming if Imran Khan takes the hot seat this term, though it is very difficult, there are some things that need to be answered. Whatever Imran Khan said in Lahore are things that are mostly the words of whole of Pakistan but somehow they does not align with the policies of hidden hands in Pakistani set-up i.e. establishment. Every government has to keep the desires of establishment and string-pullers’ desires in view and that is where the question marks on his ability arise. He can fulfil the promises he made to people in Lahore if he is the only decision maker in the system. But governments are not solely run by the elected people. There are always people who effect and manipulate the decisions of people. Ask Barack Obama how he was forced to increase the troops in Afghanistan by his own military establishment.

PTI wants to topple the system and bring a change but change does not come from within the system. It always comes from staying outside. You cannot bring a change by climbing up the stairs and reaching the top and then abruptly dismantling the whole system because you are the one who have climbed up through this system and its downfall will lead to your own. To stay in power you have to empower the foundations of that ladder rather than dismounting the ladder.

Before Imran Khan comes to power, he may have to answer these questions. History is witness that whenever the hopes of masses are shattered, anarchy takes over and leads to a real revolution which does not need ballot. Imran Khan is one of the best philanthropists and the best leader in cricket, we ever had, and that gives him an edge over all and perhaps that is well-deserved but as a leader and a statesman, there is a big question mark that needs to be removed prior to his taking of the helm. It is up to him, whether he becomes a Mahathir Mohammad or a Barack Obama.


Anonymous said...

this is your view point but revolution does not come through single man for that nation should be ready and still people are not ready to sacrifices their personal intersests only few educated lot think it should be started but mostly(89 %) dont want it they are happy with this system
imran khan is not saying that he will change system he is saying that he will implement same system throgh good governance and you already agreed he is good manager he can mange his team of cabnet so lets hope and support him for all good plans

Muhammad Saqib Tanveer said...

aahhhhh,,,, brother it is kinda irritating talking to an anonymous, still......i'd answer

I mentioned that in the article 'some' people are taking it to an extent of revolution, not all. Besides Change and Revolution comes with an ideology and in that case i find none...... Imran Khan may be a good manager but what about his team???? What abt his electors in the Parliament? What about the hidden hand?

I hope you got the point


Agreed! we have to stand up against this Currupt Electoral system.Change can not be bring within this system.I m not against Imran infect I m one of his fan but afraid that he will be cheated by this electoral system.I belief that if quid e Azam come back in this world and participate in this system,he would not be able to win a councilor level election even.Establishment will do every thing in the name of So called change.I m also afraid that after seeing the result of forth coming election not only Imran will be disappointed but also million of youngsters which are considering him a beam of light.I m agree with Dr.Tahir Ul Qadri that rather then PML N,PPP,MQM and ANP the corrupt electoral system is our enemy.Imran Khan should demand to change the electoral system which is based on money,corruption,bratherism,publicity and badmashi culture.Instead of after next election Imran Khan should stand up now with the slogan of real change.Now and Naver!!!!!!!

Tahir Mehmood Awan
journalist from Islambad


We have many leaders who can lead the revolution but question is where is nation??? we need a nation to bring revolution

Muhammad Saqib Tanveer said...

Sir.....It is actually quite a long debate over what needs to be changed but i guess the consensus we have here is that even if Imran Khan came into power, he won't be able to do much.....right?

Sikander said...

then who can bring that change for you and for us???? please share with us your choice....who you think is ELIGIBLE whom u will follow????
kahn may ne corrupt..lets say 99.9% but atleast there is 0.1% hope in his case.. where as PML or PPP they are 100% corrupt...lets give him the chance unless we have a saint or angel to lead us.....;)

Muhammad Saqib Tanveer said...

Sikander Bhai! the question of who is eligible, i guess we need to ask that question to ourselves...... are we eligible? I am sure many of us are and i am not talking about participating in this corrupt system as Tahir aptly mentioned about the realities of this system.....All i am saying is Imran Khan maybe sincere but its not about the individuals bro.....SYSTEM is the real deallllllll