Friday, July 27, 2012

Hearing the Boots Marching Towards ISB, Wait!

Writer is a political commentator, blogger and tweets @SaqibTanveer
TV talk shows, newspaper editorials and social media have started to buzz all over again with the rumors that army is about to takeover or a technocrat setup is in the offing. All this is up due to forthcoming verdict of Supreme Court against letter writing to Swiss Courts issue. One Prime Minister has already been sent packing and many believe thatthe other may well be on his way. His departure could mean that army may intervene or operate from the backend by installing technocrats.
I, for the record, do not endorse this prediction. I feel that this suggestion of wrapping up the system has been floated around by those who need the status quo to keep working. They want to scare us that if we did anything aggressive against them then it could cast the end of the whole system and the ‘sacred’ democracy will be put up in jail once again. It is, basically, a tactic to ensure that their five-year reign of corruption and deception goes undisturbed. further on Saach.TV

Sunday, July 22, 2012

You Are Gonna Die!

Writer is a political commentator, blogger and tweets @SaqibTanveer
Had a very horrendous start to last couple of days. Yesterday, I woke up with a news that a very old ex-neighbour died. Daughter of the deceased was my tuition teacher but death is a part of life, so it happens. No big deal, is it? Reached the office same day and hadn’t even stepped inside the premises when I encountered another news of the same sort. An office colleague died of an heart attack, terrible.
And today my morning was the same. Started the day in hospital, witnessed so much misery and wretchedness on the faces of worried attendants of patients.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dual Nationality and Loyalty

Writer is a political commentator, blogger and tweets @SaqibTanveer

Talk about the hot issue in the media nowadays; two pieces of legislation. One is contempt of court and the second is dual nationality issue. They are even hotter than the hotness in the weather these days. Forget the dismal economic condition and governance full of corruption and mismanagement.

Being a part of the same media, I also want to budge on the issue of dual nationality as this case is personal to me as well. Before, I start my dissection of the issue, I want to state here that I am currently a national of Pakistan and I do not have any citizenship of any other country on this planet. However, I was born in France and my family moved back to Pakistan after one and a half year of my birth. I never got the citizenship of France and never desired so. I believe that if you have it in yourself then there is no place better thanPakistan to spend your life. But recently, my father has started consulting a lawyer to get me the French citizenship, which I hope I will never get. further on Saach.TV

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Credit Rating - A Reply to Dr. Asjad

Writer is a political commentator, blogger and tweets @SaqibTanveer
I, actually, feel compelled to write this article. After reading the recent blog of Dr. Asjad Bukhari regarding the recent Credit rating of Pakistan, I could not refrain myself from setting the record straight. I have immense love for Dr. Asjad Bukhari, as he was the first football pundit I ever saw on TV and I am a football fanatic. He kept me glued to his knowledge and love for the game he portrayed back in good old times on PTV. I have all the respect in the world for him and this reply is something I am just coming up with an academic response to the assertions made by him.
I have torn his blog post and outlined few key points he raised and will discuss it point by point.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Are You a Proud Pakistani?

I am a resident of Pakistan, having CNIC of Pakistan and living a very good life in Pakistan but I am not a proud resident of Pakistan. My association with Pakistan is not something I am proud of. I have explained my disappointment and want to pose the same question to you people. Are you proud of being Pakistani or any other country for that matter? The question is not a country specific. It is specific to the concept of nationalism.
I am not a nationalist. I hate the concept of nationalism. I believe that nationalism is a very weak and shallow concept that is carved out to divide people. I will try to support my articulation by the following arguments that I have experienced lately. more on Saach.TV

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

DPC, Hypocrite Media, PTI & PML-N

Writer is a political commentator, blogger and tweets @SaqibTanveer
Difah-e-Pakistan Council’s (DPC) long march against the resumption of NATO supplies was mostly neglected by the mainstream media of Pakistan. A march of that sort against the government is massive and it was unfortunate that no media channel paid any heed to the happening.
One can have all sorts of disagreements with the leaders and the parties participating in the rally but being in the business of news and event reporting, DPC deserved its fair share of coverage. I drove a lot in the streets of Islamabad that day and found the main Jinnah Avenue closed. I had an immediate work in Rawalpindi that day but could not get there because of the road blocks due to the march. It was gigantic happening in Islamabad but alas no media coverage. Another feather in the cap of our independent and responsible media. Personally, I do not subscribe to the viewpoint of DPC and also a strong critic of some of them.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Will Pakistan follow the Arab Spring?

Well, there has been a lot of jubilation both inside and outside Egypt regarding the success of Mohammad Morsi in the presidential election. It was a good fight and one has to give it to Morsi for going against the army and emerging as a winner, as per the ‘apparent’ wishes of the Egyptian people.
On the face of it, everything seems smooth and quite romantic. Mubarak has been ousted, power transferred from the army back to the elected people and happy times for the Egyptian people.