Thursday, November 11, 2010

Night is the Darkest Before Dawn

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Published in Frontier Post on 28-12-2009

Milan Kundera, a French and Czech novelist once said that “Optimism is the opium of the people”. Optimism is the only thing that has kept this nation on its feet. If it wasn’t optimism, we would have figured in the League of Nations, which are booked in the text books of history for the students to read and comment. Such is the effect of this opium that the people who are deprived of their basic needs like food, security and shelter are still hoping that someone will pull a rabbit out of the hat someday.

We are infected with many countless problems. We have a nuclear bomb but there is always an acute crisis of food commodities like rice, sugar and wheat which are considered as basic human necessities. Today everyone can make a phonecall from his cellular but can’t get gas to fire his stove. People have a fan to get rid of the stiff summer but have no electricity to make it running. These internal problems apart, we live in a country where our government demands huge amounts of taxes from us but is not able to protect us from the terrorists.

A common man is living in a rule which is unable to provide him basic necessities. The internal security situation of Pakistan has gone from bad to worse in the last couple of years. People are uncertain when they leave home that whether they will be able to come back or not. Imagine what happens to a father who does hard work all day long, fights with transporter over nominal fares, gets hammered by his employer every now and then on petty issues and when he comes back to home at night and discovers that he has lost his kid in a terrorist attack for whom he did all he can to make him to good person, to give him a good life ahead.

It is such a misery that our rulers just don’t understand all this. They don’t have any affiliation with a common man living from hand to mouth. These rulers, who have their children studying in the elite universities abroad, running large enterprises in the foreign don’t know the agony of its elector.

It is ironic that politicians who are elected and bureaucrats who are paid to "serve" the people often end up as civil masters instead of being civil servants. They place their own administrative convenience above citizens' needs.

The system which is implemented on us totally contradicts the ideology of a common man. Democracy, which was ploughed in the field of capitalism, has ruled over majority of the world but none of them was able to bring any harmony between its people. Capitalist system, as its name suggest, only runs upon the desire of the one who has the capital in its hand.

All these problems look scary and dreadful, but people are still living in a hope. People of Pakistan believe that one stroke of luck can turn their fortunes around. Judicial crisis showed us that this nation can stand for anything which they consider as something based on truth and justice. As a citizen of Pakistan, which is the fifth largest army having modern ammunition in its arsenal, one of the best agricultural state, having the best intellectuals serving in the biggest corporations of this globe, we believe that one day our misery will end and we will one day stand as the best and prosperous nation. We still believe that, if needed, we can counter any challenge only if our leadership is sincere and the system which is produced from our ideology i.e. the Islamic ideology.

Pakistan has a lost a lot in this war on terror. This war has brought all the problems to Pakistan. We are in a complete dark situation but NIGHT IS THE DARKEST BEFORE DAWN. One day we will triumph.