Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ideologies and New World Order

It is must for an ideology to make itself stable and prosper and also propagate itself to other part of the world. This is the ideology which has made the countries superpower. The Muslims ruled this world just because of its ideology and the system implemented on them, which obviously was emanated from Islam. Same goes with the once mighty U.S.S.R. and the still mighty but entangled with crisis all over United States of America.

Witnessing the history of the world, we can easily resolve that for a country to be a worldpower, it should have a system which matches the ideology of its people. Like in United States, the system and law guarantees personal freedom that is aligned with the ideas of the people on which the system is implemented.

History of the world is testament of the fact that it wasn’t the natural resources or education alone which helped them to establish their hegemony over the world. The Great Britain, a very tiny empire had no natural resources or any other significant component which could lead to power except for their ideas and military capability and they ruled the world.

Looking into the current state of affairs, the world has no longer been a unipolar one. After the Afghan and Iraq wars and the economic meltdown all over the world, bulging out from United States of America, US has started to lose its grip over the world. United States, once drenched with mighty power is now declining to its very end. People from within have started to raise their fears against the system and policies of the state.

Capitalism in United States is nearing its conclusion. The people in US have lost their homes and jobs on a massive scale due to its fragile capitalist system. Capitalism, as its name reveals, is a system formulated to protect the one who has the capital. The price United States paying for the love of capitalism is as heavy as it could get. While the American dream has become a nightmare, it still is trying to export its ideas to the outer world, eventually leading to en masse disapproval of their system. General public of United States has lost its trust on this system it is inevitable that the US is reaching its end after reaching its pinnacle.

Many people and analysts have suggested that the New World Order is in place or on its horizon. China and Russia (both socialists) have started to assert their power in the international arena. China is expanding economically and both militarily while Russia is countering US in every aspect, be it dealing with Iran or an attack on Georgia. While these socialist giants establish their power, there is another force rising: the rising wave of Islam or the Political Islam. Islamic World, under the oppression from colonialists and imperialists are looking for an alternative and perhaps going back to the basics is the panacea for their ills.

Think tanks in US and other countries have already started raising their fears regarding Political Islam and every day we hear senior US government officials talking about Political Islam and its threat to Capitalism. Islam may prove to be the final nail in the coffin of capitalism.

The role of so-called superpower in the world is now up for grabs. 20th Century and the naught of 21st has seen the very high of socialism and capitalism and also its decline very quickly. Only the Islamic ideology was the one which longed for much longer and paid the dividends to the humanity like expansion in technology, education and arts. It sound very romantic that Islam would again come back on the front stage, especially when the Muslim World is at crossroads but there is one good thing about the crossroad is that it always has a right path.

Be it Islam or Socialism, it is evident that the New World Order will be according to the ideologies as it always has been.

(Writer is a Government Employee and a Student of International Relations)