Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Judicial Pudding with Political Garnishing

Lately, the Supreme Court of Pakistan has been able to recuperate much of its credibility, it lost over the last couple of years. Thanks to the PM Contempt Case, BahriaGate, Ephedrine and other corruption cases against the government. Many have welcomed the stance of apex court and its recent judgements of removing the premier, making the son of Chief Justice stand before the ‘Justice’ and above all accounting the civil establishment of Pakistan i.e. Malik Riaz aka Thekedar (contractor).

These decisions from the Supreme Court of Pakistan have been taken as a sweet pudding by media as well as people of Pakistan. However, many see that the garnishing on the pudding i.e. the almonds, peanuts, cherry and the wafers etc have been brought from Raiwind, Naudero, Rawalpindi or the Judges Colony itself. Origin of the garnishing depends on case to case basis.