Saturday, April 21, 2012

For PTI: Is Honesty Enough to Govern Effectively?

Writer is an aspiring journalist, student of International Relations and tweets at @saqibtanveer
The 30th October’s melodious jalsa of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) turned the whole spectrum of traditional politics in Pakistan. That jalsa motivated the youth to take active part in politics, use of social networking sites increased manifold, politicians joined twitter and facebook to interact with the public, hash-tagging and trending of Pakistani politics started, the sphere of street-corner politics shifted to the cyber sphere and above all the politicians started focusing on youth. In short, PTI’s jalsa was a game changer.
PTI has risen to dominance in the last twelve months or so. People and even several politicians have been joining PTI irrespective of any ideological relationship, though Imran Khan claims otherwise. Ideological gap between the members of the party can be judged from the fact that PTI is a party that contains people from the left as well as from the right. A recent incident when the President of party called Hafiz Saeed a propagator of peace, it was not taken well within the party itself. PTI right now is disjointed and does not have a common mouth, even Imran Khan admits that himself.