Thursday, April 12, 2012

Moving Towards an Open Source World

The recent initiative of the World Bank of Open Knowledge Repository (OKR) is more of a revolution of its own kind. We are living in a world where even a cough of an elite is protected by copyrights. Patents and copyrights are the tools which the elite class use to make money and hence bar the road of academic & technological development.

Lately there has been an evolution of GNU General Public License software and other items have emerged on the market. Linux, Ubuntu and Joomla etc are the most significant examples where open source technology has been provided and thus a significant amount of development has occurred in these horizons helping people to innovate and get the best out of technology.

The most significant argument in favor of copyrights is giving the credit to the original innovator and giving all the due profit to that person. But that same law has been exploited by global corporations all over the world. The most significant example we have is of Microsoft. Bill Gates has increased his fortune tremendously with the help of copyrights and now all his charity and effort to become noble, that all is due to the blessings of patent and copyrights.

Education and technology should not be someone's property. It has to be universal and should contribute towards making the lifestyle of people more convenient rather than making them expensive and unreachable by copyrighting them.


Zeeshan Riaz said...

Not enough to convince some one.....

Muhammad Saqib Tanveer said...

Beta that was not an article, it was a random blog post.