Saturday, August 11, 2012

Indo-Pak Friendship? You Gotta Be Kidding Me!

Writer is a political commentator, blogger and tweets @SaqibTanveer

Many of us have been getting very romantic all over again when we think about rekindling our relations with India back on track. Definitely, it is good to have a neighbour that is not hostile and can lend us a helping hand in our economic woes. Icing on the cake when that same neighbour starts playing cricket with us again. May be out of pity or some other agenda, who knows?

This cuddling with India is not something of a sudden. It all started in the latter half of 2011 after Hilary Clinton’s pilgrimage to Pakistan. Soon after her visit, some cordial events between the two arch rivals were witnessed. To quote a few, failed talks of a cricket series, Pakistani Kabbadi team went to India for the world cup, volleyball series between the two, cross-LoC trade negotiations and above all the whole episode of MFN status were the highlights to notice. further on Saach.TV